Biomedical Services

We PVFoundation undertake the repair services .

We, PV Foundation the repair services. E-Services

1. Hospital Managed Software.

2. OPD Management System.

3. Medical Information kiosks for corporate hospital, and private doctors, with custom design solutions for ICU, and NICU.

4. We also provide hands on training in post operative patient care and operation assistance on call.


E-Healthcare Services

We PV Foundation provide highly Technical , Integrated solutions for existing diagnostic, monitoring. By providing IoT based Solutions.

This includes Mobile Application (m_app), and cloud based monitoring.

The followings are the highlights

E_CARe ( IoT) introducing Internet of Things in medi sector;
1. All diagnosis, monitoring data of all hospital equipments can be available on one click on Doctors mobile anytime.
2. Fast and easy notification of personnel by the patient or device connected.
3. Continuous monitoring of patient condition and saving their parameters.
4.Increasing the safety by providing remote medical attention.
5. Faster and more effective access to medial care diagnosis and treatment.
6. Comprehensives care outside medical facilities.
7. Automatic transfer of data collected by devices.
8. Remote medical consultations. Automatic Reminders.
9.Advantages for medical staff Constant access to patient full medial history including latest data.
10.Software diagnostic facility which can detect abnormalities (optional)