Biomedical Training

We, PV Foundation Eminence India conduct online & offline training program for Biomedical Instrument Operations, Integration & Interface, Repair & other maintenance service. We also have the expertise into robotic application into Biomedical Sectors. This will help tele medicine, Support System to the patients, the hospital staffs, nurses, and doctors.

Biomedical instrumentation (sometimes known as bioinstrumentation) training programs and courses cover the repair, maintenance and operation of medical electronic equipment. While stand-alone programs in this field are not common, biomedical instrumentation can also be studied within other related programs. For instance, at the certificate level, prospective students can find biomedical electronics technology certificates and biomedical electronics certificates.

Training in biomedical instrumentation can also be found within associate’s degree programs in biomedical equipment technology or electronics technology

The importance of Biomedical Engineers in fast growing health-care industry is now well acknowledged and consequently new career options are available to them in health care industries both nationally and internationally.

The modules will provide in-depth study of a wide range of medical equipment, with the opportunity for specialization according to your interests and future career intentions. The expected learning outcome is the acquisition of a wide knowledge of a variety of medical equipment and understanding of concepts in Healthcare informatics. A further aim is to develop your skills in designing and managing the medical equipment. 

The basic objective of this course is to provide the fundamental knowledge of Bio-medical Instrumentation, the science associated with the measurement of biological variables such as pressure, temperature etc. related to human body, the complexities associated with the measurement of the biological parameters and the care that are to be taken for the measurement since it is concerned with human life.

Training Outcome:

These candidates will be trained in Bio-Medical Instrumentation and Health care Informatics methodology, Project development and Medical Equipment Management and overall management skills.  

These candidates will update their skill in biomedical Instrumentation, healthcare informatics, project development & medical equipment management. They can start their career as technician as biomedical engineering. After having relevant knowledge & Experience.

Biomedical Training Courses

  • Biomedical Instrumentation Operation & Maintenance
  • Biomedical Instrumentation Integration & Interface
  • Biomedical Instrumentation Repair & Maintenance Service